Planning your wedding day is believed to be one of the most exciting and happiest times of your life.
The team here at The Cheshire Wedding and Events Company believe that your engagement should be that special time that you should enjoy to the fullest with your fiancé and not spent stressing about your wedding details.
The day itself is about expressing your love to the most important person in your life. But, planning a wedding, juggling a full time job, children or both can be very time consuming and stressful.
The Cheshire Wedding and Events Co will take the time to understand your influences, inspirations and aspirations and work together with you both to ensure your wedding celebrations reflect the event you want. Grand or gregarious; elegant or dynamic it is your individuality that creates the wedding dream all we do is to help you put it in to reality, producing an exquisite memorable event.
If you are looking forward to planning the whole day yourself, which is totally understandable, your hopes and expectations could be riding so high, that your wedding can quickly turn from an exciting task into a daunting challenge as once you begin, your list could seem to be getting longer and the time period to your wedding day getting shorter, you may start to feel stressed and cannot see the end of it all.
We do understand that you want both your ceremony and reception to be perfect and to follow a certain style and theme that reflects you as a couple so we do our utmost to make this dream become a reality, creating precious memories for you and your families.
Cheshire Weddings can support, design and coordinate your special day and also offer a superior client experience and deliver a truly inspirational event.
We believe every bride has individual tastes and every wedding is unique to reflect your own personality and style.

What we offer:-

Firstly, at your free initial consultation, we will discuss your ideas at length and how we will create your individual, unique and visually stunning wedding.
We will then go away and design a plan with a variety of options for you and your loved one to consider.
The plan we will design for you will save you valuable time and endless hours of detailed planning as we take care of all the laborious tasks. We all work together as a team, informing you every step of the way, which still gives you total control of your wedding. You can enjoy making all of the decisions without worrying about how to make it all work.
At The Cheshire Wedding and Events Company we can do the research into finding everything you will require whilst taking in to account that all important budget.
When you give us the go-ahead, we’ll make it all happen, keeping you updated regularly, of course.