Finding the perfect wedding venue

One of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to planning your wedding, is what wedding venue you will choose for your big day. You will need to go with a venue that ticks all your boxes, meaning that there is a lot to consider.

Availability and Dates

Before you set off on a journey around the country to try and find the best venue for your special day, have a browse online first. Many wedding venues have a bunch of information on their websites that you can look through, and many now have ‘availability calendars’ that list the available dates for a year or more ahead. If you’re looking for a date that you can’t see on a particular website, give them a call to see if something is available sooner.


When looking for a location for your wedding venue, it’s okay to be a little selfish as it will be one of the most special days of your life. However, there are a couple of factors you have to keep in mind when choosing a location for your wedding.

You’re wanting to share your day with those you love, meaning you will need to think about the type of transport that’s needed in getting people to and from the venue. Guests are usually more happy to travel to the venue knowing that everything is held at the one site. So looking for a venue which will hold your reception/party may likely appeal more to your friends and family.


If you want your wedding to only consist of a few friends and family, then the last place you’re wanting to rent out for a wedding is a bigger sized venue as it can make your wedding party look extremely small. You have to think about how the space will cater to the number of people that are attending your wedding. Try and visualise you and your guests in that space on your special day, and if it doesn’t feel right then maybe that venue isn’t right for you.


Another important decision to make is the budget of your wedding, and how much you’re wanting to spend on a venue. If you do see a venue that might be a little bit out of your budget range, it wouldn’t hurt to contact the venue and see if they offer any deals on certain dates.


When planning your wedding, make sure that the venue that you’re choosing can cater to your liking. Whether the food is a classic buffet, finger food or a traditional wedding breakfast, you will want something that your guests will enjoy and will always remember. Most venues will be flexible when it comes to menu design, dietary requirements, presentation and even when the food will be served, just make sure to inquire about your plans.


Photographs are important to weddings as it’s something you can look back on and relive the moments of your wedding in your head. When looking around venues, you will want to scout around to see if there are any locations on-site that will look nice in the background of your photos and whether or not the lighting is good enough inside the venue.